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There’s an election happening for L.A. County employees, and this one is extremely important. 

Message from Our 2023 CAPE Election Committee

Our 2023 CAPE Board of Directors election has come to an early close. 

After careful consideration and consultation with our attorneys, our CAPE Election Committee is pleased to report that all candidates, having passed the necessary requirements for eligibility, are therefore duly elected without a contest because only five candidates ran for five vacant seats.

Our quarterly newsletters are a great way to stay informed and keep track of all that we’ve accomplished as a union. This week, we’re excited to officially release the e-version of the newsletter below, as well as mail a printed copy to all CAPE members.
The election for the CAPE Board of Directors is approaching soon. This year, the two-year terms of five (5) Board Directors must be filled. A mail ballot election will be held throughout the month of August.

Telework is one of the key major victories we secured in our new CAPE contract last year.

Now that L.A. County has ended the COVID emergency declaration, and with the federal government moving to officially end the national COVID state of emergency in May, it’s time we take a deeper dive into how we move forward work-wise in a non-COVID world. 

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Our New Telework Contract Article:

1. What exactly does our contract say about Telework?

Being a part of a union means we have a voice in our workplace to stand up and advocate for ourselves and our coworkers.

This is an exciting time to be a CAPE member.

We are a successful and thriving union, but a strong contract means little if members aren’t aware of our rights in the workplace and empowered to exercise them.

Everything we accomplish as a union comes from CAPE members working together.

CAPE Delegates are members who volunteer their time to lead our union. Delegate Leaders are the lifeblood of CAPE and we’re striving to build an even stronger community.

Join a CAPE Delegate Leader Team

The Special Edition 2022 CAPE Newsletter is available now!

This has been a busy year for our union, and so much has been accomplished! As we come to the close of the year, we take a moment in our newsletter to reflect on the journey and success we have had as a union over the last twelve months.

We’re excited to officially release the e-version of the newsletter today and have mailed a printed hard copy to all CAPE members.