Accessing CAPE's Representation Services

CAPE offers you, as a member, many representation services to protect and improve your career both individually and as part of a group. As part of a collective bargaining unit, your membership in CAPE enhances career protections and opportunities for all CAPE-represented employees.

CAPE’s Professional Representation Services (partial list):

Individual Grievances

  • Performance evaluation disputes
  • Transfers
  • Harassment
  • Inequitable work assignments
  • Challenging a negative additional responsibilities or working out-of-class ruling
  • Challenging minor discipline

Group Matters

  • Meet and confers with management on proposed changes to wages, hours, or other working conditions.
  • Meet and consults with management on issues impacting CAPE members such as classification specification changes, departmental policies, career path issues, and more.
  • General-in-character grievances over violations of the MOU impacting a group of employees in any CAPE-represented bargaining unit.

Investigative interviews and Skelly meetings (see Weingarten Rights)

Civil Service

  • Severe disciplinary matters (i.e. discharge, lengthy suspension, reduction)
  • Challenges to promotional exams
  • Probationary reductions
  • Claims of unlawful discrimination

Interactive Process

Return to work and/or work accommodation situations

Unfair Labor Practice Claims

  • Retaliation
  • Management’s refusal to process grievances

Career Counseling and Advice

  • L.A. County promotional process
  • Sup/subordinate issues
  • How to deal with a difficult supervisor
  • Transfers
  • Out-of-class and additional responsibility situations

General Questions

  • Interpretation of the CAPE MOUs
  • The L.A. County Code
  • Departmental or county-wide policies
  • CAPE organizational matters and processes

To access CAPE’s professional representation services, call (626) 243-0340 to speak with a CAPE Business Agent.