CAPE makes it a priority to provide the highest quality, most professional job representation services available to Los Angeles County professional employees whenever they are in need.

As a CAPE Member, you receive many representation services to protect and improve your career both individually and as part of a group. As part of a collective bargaining unit, your membership in CAPE enhances career protections and opportunities for all CAPE-represented employees.

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Know Your Rights / Call CAPE

In cases in which you might require CAPE's professional representation services, strict time limits often apply. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Our trained professionals are here to serve you.

Please call CAPE immediately if you believe your workplace rights have been violated.

Click here to learn about your Weingarten Rights.

To access CAPE’s professional representation services, call (626) 243-0340 to speak with a CAPE Business Agent.

Notice Regarding Member-Only Representation

As of December 2020, CAPE will only provide the following representation services dues-paying members: Civil Service proceedings (i.e., probationary reductions; claims of discrimination; challenges to promotional exams; challenges to suspensions, reduction and discharge); Skelly meetings; Interactive Process meetings; and Automotive Safety Committee proceedings. CAPE will still maintain our legal obligation to provide basic representation services regardless of an employee’s membership whose classification is represented by the California Association of Professional Employees.