CAPE Delegate and L.A. County Supervising Civil Engineering Technician, Erik Bautista, explains why unions matter much more than most of us realize.

On September 21, CAPE held a Member Info Session via Zoom to give the latest updates on the new Vaccination Policy as well as help answer any member questions.

CAPE members joined together to spread a little light to one of our L.A. County co-workers and fellow CAPE member who is currently serving overseas. Eric Schuchman was recently deployed to Kuwait and will be there for at least 10 months. Our Community Service Team-sponsored letter-writing campaign was a huge success and we collected numerous messages of support to encourage Eric while he’s away.

As previously reported, CAPE, in coordination with the Coalition of County Unions (CCU), has been involved in lengthy negotiations with the County over the Board of Supervisors’ COVID-19 vaccination mandate. Under California law, unions have the right to bargain over the “effects” of a mandatory vaccination program, though the employer has the management right to make the decision to have a mandate in the first place.

CAPE and the Coalition of County Unions (CCU) Reach a Tentative Agreement on a Fringe Benefits Contract with the County of Los Angeles.

After months of virtual bargaining for a successor Fringe Benefits Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the Coalition of County Unions (CCU) has reached a Tentative Agreement for a nine-month contract, effective retroactively from July 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.

CAPE and hundreds of other union members and labor allies poured into the stadium to root for the Dodgers on Friday, August 20, as they played the New York Mets.

Our President, Carlos Clayton, represented CAPE on the field before the game while the opening pitch was delivered. Clearly, our CAPE members brought good luck with us, as the Dodgers beat the Mets 3-2 to maintain an eight-game winning streak.

Thank you to everyone who attended the game, as well as those who supported by watching at home.


The California Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) is pleased to announce the results of its 2021 CAPE Board of Directors Election.

Elected to two-year terms were:

We’re excited to bring you our very first Virtual CAPE Unity Break with some of the latest news and updates from our union.

Our 2021 CAPE Board of Directors Election has officially begun. The terms of five (5) members of the Board of Directors expire as of September 2021. A mail ballot election will be held throughout the month of August. The five candidates receiving the largest number of votes will be elected to serve two-year terms (September 2021 - September 2023).

Ballots have been mailed to all CAPE members in good standing and must be received at the Election Post Office Box by 12 p.m. on August 25. (Ballots will NOT be accepted at the CAPE office.)

After weeks of negotiations for a successor Fringe Benefit Memorandum of Understanding, the County refused to appropriately recognize our front line sacrifices during the pandemic

We officially kicked off our 2021 CAPE Contract Negotiations. Our bargaining team members met with County Management via Zoom, set parameters and ground rules for negotiations, and presented and reviewed our initial Unit proposals for a new one-year contract.

Over the last year, we have witnessed just how vital it is to have a strong union contract. We’re committed to protecting our wages, benefits, and working conditions as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel of the COVID-19 pandemic.