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CAPE members have made our voices heard loud and clear. All six CAPE bargaining units have overwhelmingly voted 93% YES to ratify our strong new contract.

Coalition of County Unions Reaches Agreement with County on Successor Fringe Contract Worth More Than $40 Million

After months of demanding negotiations, our CAPE Bargaining Team has reached a tentative agreement with L.A. County for a new three-year contract that protects our working conditions and includes the largest one-year salary increase since 2006, a $1,375 signing bonus, brand new telework protections, and much more.

Our New CAPE Contract Will Include:


After months of bargaining, we are at a pivotal moment in our current contract negotiations. The following are Frequently Asked Questions CAPE has received regarding the current state of contract negotiations.

We just wrapped up our latest round of bargaining this week and we’ve come to a pivotal moment in our current contract negotiations.

After months of sluggish bargaining, our CAPE Bargaining Team has been able to make progress on our priorities – raises, long-term telework, job security protections, etc – but not to the extent of what CAPE members have earned.

The County wants to dig their heels in, but the critical question remains: Does County management value the work CAPE members do to keep L.A. County safe?

The election for the CAPE Board of Directors is approaching soon.  This year, the two-year terms of four (4) Board Directors and the one-year term of one (1) Board vacancy must be filled. A mail ballot election will be held throughout the month of August. The five candidates receiving the largest number of votes will be elected – the top four to serve two-year terms (September 2022 - September 2024) and the fifth to serve a one-year term (September 2022 – September 2023).

The June 7 Primary is right around the corner and we need strong advocates for working families and the workers who provide the vital public services that keep L.A. County running.

CAPE members are politically diverse and united in moving the workforce forward through equity in wages and benefits, safe working conditions, opportunities, non-discrimination, and protecting workers' rights. We work together and believe in supporting a political and legislative system that empowers working people and uplifts our community. 

This week, the California Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) – representing nearly 3,000 members who ensure the safety of L.A. County roads, buildings, bridges, and flood control channels in the event of earthquakes, fires, and floods – announced our strong endorsement of Jeff Prang for Los Angeles County Assessor.

Recently, many of us received a memo from Public Works management announcing a plan for a full return to the office on May 9 for all Public Works employees.

CAPE immediately reached out to County management and made it clear that, with the existing influences and effects of all the previous COVD variants as well as the new surge of the BA.2.12.1 variant, a full return to work is not only rash but risky to the health of our members. 

As our CAPE Bargaining Team meets with County management, we want to show a strong display of unity. We’re only as strong as the members in the workplace.
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