L.A. County CEO Threatens Workers with Layoffs if Unions Don’t Agree to Immediate Pay Concessions Without Member Input or Approval

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of millions of working people and our families, and CAPE is working tirelessly to limit the impact of this crisis on our health and livelihoods.

The CAPE Office will be closed on Monday, Feb. 18 in celebration of Presidents Day.

Dear CAPE Members,

We know you were ready to walk the line on Feb. 20 with your colleagues at the DPW Headquarters in Alhambra to tell management to value our work in contract negotiations.

Due to conflicting events taking place that same day and time at the DPW Headquarters, we are canceling the planned picket.

We will update you on a future day of action. And thank you to those who participated in the Board of Supervisors Email Blitz and CEO Phone Blitz this week!


Action #1: CALL THE CEO


1. Call on your personal time – before work, after work, on your lunch or on breaks.

2. Do not use a County phone!

3. Use your personal cell phone. Do not use a County-issued cell phone.

4. Like the BOS Phone Blitz: You will not speak directly to the CEO, so you read the following message to the person answering.

On Feb. 6, CAPE members working in all Assessor's Office locations will hold simultaneous Informational Pickets during lunchtime, Noon-12:30 p.m. (If your lunch is only a half hour, no problem!)

We'll be out in force to show we're united and that we want a fair contract now! We're fighting for a contract that reflects the professional work CAPE members perform for the County every day, as well as an agreement that realistically provides increases that are in line with the Consumer Price Index (last reported as 3.2% in December by the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

On Jan. 30 and 31, CAPE members across Los Angeles County will be calling all five offices of the Board of Supervisors regarding our contract negotiations and asking them to direct CEO Sachi Hamai to negotiate a fair contract with real salary increases that reflect the growing cost of living in the Los Angeles Region.

It should take no more than 15 minutes for one person to call ALL five Supervisors.


By failing to negotiate equitable Unit and Fringe Benefits contracts for members of the California Association of Professional Employees.

For the Unit Contracts, the County is demanding CAPE members agree to a base salary increase of just 7% over three years.

FACT: The Consumer Price Index increased 3.9% over the last year. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

CAPE Members joined together in Unity at the Hall of Administration in September 2018 to show their solidarity during contract negotiations with the County. 

The Unity Breaks continue as a way for members to come together, receive updates from CAPE leadership and discuss workplace issues. 

Click on the pic below to check out the Sept. 12 Unity Break gallery. 

Dear CAPE Members,

The Board of Directors and Staff of the California Association of Professional Employees wish you a very Happy New Year.

We know the last several months have been extremely challenging to our fellow CAPE members, as we have been in negotiations with Los Angeles County management and are currently at impasse at the salary tables.

We thank you for sticking with your union and supporting the Board, the Coalition of County Unions and your unit negotiating team members during these trying times.