We want the contract we’ve earned (Contract Update)

We just wrapped up our latest round of bargaining this week and we’ve come to a pivotal moment in our current contract negotiations.

After months of sluggish bargaining, our CAPE Bargaining Team has been able to make progress on our priorities – raises, long-term telework, job security protections, etc – but not to the extent of what CAPE members have earned.

The County wants to dig their heels in, but the critical question remains: Does County management value the work CAPE members do to keep L.A. County safe?

CAPE members work hard to ensure the safety of L.A. County families and we have earned a contract that shows management respects and values our professions.

CAPE Delegate Leader Meeting – Tuesday, August 9

Next week, our CAPE Bargaining Team will hold an All-Hands-On-Deck CAPE Delegate Meeting to update our frontline member-leaders on the latest in negotiations and talk about our potential next steps.

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Stay tuned and keep reading our CAPE emails. We will continue to send updates to all CAPE members via email as well as work with our CAPE Delegates to reach out to members in the workplace.