Hybrid Telework Victory!

Recently, many of us received a memo from Public Works management announcing a plan for a full return to the office on May 9 for all Public Works employees.

CAPE immediately reached out to County management and made it clear that, with the existing influences and effects of all the previous COVD variants as well as the new surge of the BA.2.12.1 variant, a full return to work is not only rash but risky to the health of our members. 

Since the memo’s release, CAPE has been working directly with County management to find safe and practical alternatives to the planned full return to the office. 

We’re happy to announce, CAPE has worked out an agreement for an immediate pathway for our members to set a hybrid work schedule, allowing us to work remote at least part-time.  

This agreement is based on operational need and would allow each division to set their own office hours conducive to our work, as opposed to attempting to paint a one-size fits all approach that would risk our health and safety.

In order to continue teleworking or request to telework with a hybrid schedule:

  • Complete the 30-minute “Working from Home” Guidelines Training Video; and
  • Submit proof of completion to your direct supervisor or division head secretary.

Keep in mind, we’re still continuing to push back on the May 9 return date and also advocating for a real long-term telework policy in our current contract negotiations. As always, if you have any questions, contact CAPE at (626) 243-0340 or by email at [email protected].