Everything we accomplish as a union comes from CAPE members working together.

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Recently, many of us received a memo from Public Works management announcing a plan for a full return to the office on May 9 for all Public Works employees.

CAPE immediately reached out to County management and made it clear that, with the existing influences and effects of all the previous COVD variants as well as the new surge of the BA.2.12.1 variant, a full return to work is not only rash but risky to the health of our members. 

As our CAPE Bargaining Team meets with County management, we want to show a strong display of unity. We’re only as strong as the members in the workplace.
Show Your CAPE Pride

Our 2022 CAPE contract negotiations have officially begun.

Our bargaining team members met with County Management via Zoom to set ground rules for negotiations and present our initial proposals for a new long-term contract.

We’re committed to securing a strong contract that includes:

Attention members enrolled in the Choices Delta Dental PPO Plan! The LA Coalition of County Unions and your Union want to inform you that those enrolled in the Delta Dental PPO plan for 2022 will not see a dental payroll deduction on their pay stubs for the next few months.

You heard right, the LA Coalition of County Unions and your Union have negotiated with management and Delta Dental to provide members with a 3-month premium holiday per the following deduction periods:

Cafeteria Benefits Plan

This week, the California Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) – representing nearly 3,000 members who ensure the safety of L.A. County roads, buildings, bridges, and flood control channels in the event of earthquakes, fires, and floods – announced our strong endorsement of Senator Bob Hertzberg for L.A. County Supervisor (District 3).

Everything we accomplish as a union comes from CAPE members working together. With contract negotiations quickly approaching, we’ll need a strong team of member-leaders ready to keep us strong in the office and the community.

CAPE Delegates are members who volunteer their time to lead our union. Delegate Leaders are the lifeblood of CAPE and we’re striving to build an even stronger community.

Congratulations to the newly appointed members of our 2022 CAPE Contract Bargaining Team!
Our 2022 CAPE Bargaining Team will represent all CAPE members in negotiations and work to preserve the achievements we’ve previously won, and bargain for new improvements in our wages, hours and working conditions.