New CAPE Representation Handbook Available Now

We are a successful and thriving union, but a strong contract means little if members aren’t aware of our rights in the workplace and empowered to exercise them.

That's why our CAPE Board of Directors is thrilled and honored to release our newly-updated CAPE Member Representation Handbook. PDF icon Download here.

CAPE makes it a priority to provide the highest quality, most professional job representation services available to Los Angeles County professional employees whenever they are in need.

As a CAPE Member, you receive many representation services to protect and improve your career both individually and as part of a group. As part of a collective bargaining unit, your membership in CAPE enhances career protections and opportunities for all CAPE-represented employees.

PDF icon Click here to download the NEW CAPE Membership Representation Handbook.

As our CAPE President, Carlos Clayton, says, "When we pull together, we are strong enough to protect our rights, advance our professions, and improve the lives and working conditions of members, potential members and all working families."