L.A. County CEO Threatens Workers with Layoffs if Unions Don’t Agree to Immediate Pay Concessions Without Member Input or Approval

Learn how you can protect yourself, your community, and your patients from the novel coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of millions of working people and our families, and CAPE is working tirelessly to limit the impact of this crisis on our health and livelihoods.

CAPE has started the process in preparation for the 2018 contract negotiations with Los Angeles County on successor contracts for units 131, 132, 501, 502, 511 and 512.

At its January Board Meeting, the board selected a group of volunteers for the negotiating team and meetings started in February to prepare proposals. Visit to see the list of team members.

For a second year, CAPE joined more than 40 other unions to be part of the LA County Federation of Labor’s “Homeless Heroes” team for the United Way’s annual HomeWalk. The walk/run raises awareness and funds for the United Way’s homeless programs. Labor’s team – this year totaling more than 300 walkers and runners – is the only team dedicated to raising funds to help homeless veterans into permanent housing. The team on average raises $15,000 a year, of which 100% goes towards ending veteran homelessness.

A standard Letter of Admonishment is issued when a complaint is filed on an alleged County Policy of Equity (CPOE) violation with the County Intake Specialist Unit (CISU). The Letter of Admonishment is delivered to the complaining party and the subject of interest and a signature is requested verifying receipt of the letter. This is not a disciplinary measure, it is simply a notification that a CPOE complaint was made by you, on behalf of you or against you. If the complaint was made against you, you have the right to representation at the investigatory meeting.

Did you know you have rights to union representation if you’re called into a meeting that may result in discipline?

Your Weingarten Rights to Representation protect you from unfair investigatory disciplinary practices of the various investigative agencies of the County. But these rights are no good to you unless you invoke them anytime you are called into a meeting with your superiors that could result in discipline for you.

For the last year, CAPE has been in talks with the Department of Public Works Director Mark Pestrella on ending the practice of unnecessarily contracting out work in Building and Safety. The union has made great strides in this area, which has resulted in new jobs opening up and new members joining CAPE.

The CAPE Field Team is hitting the road!

We're scheduling several membership meetings over the next two months. Be sure to check your CAPE bulletin board for the flier with all the details for your location/department.

Contact your CAPE Business Agent to schedule a field meeting by calling 626.243.0340.

Upcoming (dates are tentative):

June 4 - Hollydale Yard (DPW)

Be sure to check our website calendar for the latest!

Los Angeles Trade Tech College's Labor Center is offering a course on Workplace Health & Safety. The two-day weekend course takes place April 21 and 28 at LA Trade Tech College. There is an option May 6 day to earn a Health & Safety Certificate


What can you do if you are worried about unsafe equipment, stress or toxic chemicals at work?

On April 10, join CAPE and the other unions representing Los Angeles County workers for the Stand United Rally and Speak Out at Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration at 9 a.m.

The rally is to support fellow union members in public safety who have been offered just a 5% salary increase across three years by county management.