CAPE Secures Victory Against Unfair Overtime Policy

United together, CAPE members in the Assessor Department have successfully pushed back against an unfair policy for overtime approval.

Over the last few months, Assessor Management unilaterally implemented a new policy standard for production rates that Appraisers and Appraiser Specialists would have to meet in order to be approved to work overtime. Upon seeing this, our representation team filed a Grievance General-In-Character to challenge the new policy as a violation of the overtime provision provided in our contract/MOU.

Even more, after performing an internal investigation, we found that Assessor management had been wrongfully excluding Appraisers and Appraiser Specialists from overtime based on production rates of certain types of assignments for several years before the announcement of the policy change.

We took action and we got results. Because of your hard work, Assessor Management recently announced an update to their overtime policy that now states “raw production rates kept by the Office shall not be used as the sole basis for overtime approval.” Thank you to everyone who took action to fight for this victory.