California Association of Professional Employees


United together, CAPE members in the Assessor Department have successfully pushed back against an unfair policy for overtime approval.

On April 15, the California Assembly voted to approve AB 1203, important legislation that would expand the pool of qualified applicants who may serve on the L.A.

Recent News

Congratulations to the newly appointed members of our 2021 CAPE Contract Bargaining Team!

Our 2021 CAPE Bargaining Team will represent all CAPE members in negotiations and work to preserve the achievements we’ve previously won, and bargain for new improvements in our wages, hours and working conditions.

In the coming months, our new team will work to negotiate contracts/MOUs for Units 131/132, 501/502 and 511/512. We are confident that our new Bargaining Team will not only represent their respective units, but will work for the good of the entire bargaining unit.

We are thrilled to announce new opportunities and updates to our CAPE Delegate Leader program. Our Delegates, members who volunteer their time to lead our union, are the lifeblood of CAPE and we’re striving to build an even stronger community.

CAPE Delegates and member-leaders can now sign up and take part in the following new speciality teams:

Our current CAPE contract secures an additional salary increase for members who have reached the last step in the wage scale.

If you have been on the last wage scale step for one year or more by January 1, 2021*, you will be receiving an additional half step increase, which is equivalent to an additional 2.75% salary increase. 

(*Please note, Appraisers on Step 6 and above in their salary range on the wage scale will receive the 2.75% increase.)