California Association of Professional Employees


We’re happy to announce that CAPE has come to a 6-month tentative agreement with L.A. County for a new short-term contract through March 31, 2022. 

Recent News

Now that the Board of Supervisors has voted to approve our new nine-month Fringe Benefits Contract/MOU, the Auditor Controller will now begin dispersing the bonuses we secured as early as our November 15 or November 30 paychecks.
Need a break? Our CAPE Strength and Spirit Committee is happy to help with the newest installment of our Virtual Unity Break.

As previously reported, CAPE, in coordination with the Coalition of County Unions (CCU), has been involved in lengthy negotiations with the County over the Board of Supervisors’ COVID-19 vaccination mandate. Under California law, unions have the right to bargain over the “effects” of a mandatory vaccination program, though the employer has the management right to make the decision to have a mandate in the first place.