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“Now is the time for LA County to prepare for a potential Coronavirus outbreak.”

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Herb Wesson has been a champion for Los Angeles working families for more than 30 years and will be a strong advocate for LA County on the Board of Supervisors.

Together we can help elect a strong ally to the Board of Supervisors.

Great News! CAPE members in the Public Works Department can now apply for and receive a brand new bonus, simply for holding a specific license or certificate.

Here’s how to get our new bonus:

Step 1:  Download, print and fill out the following forms:

As you may be aware, L.A. County employees had the opportunity to join a lawsuit against the County of Los Angeles for underpaying overtime. Specifically, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) – the Country’s basic wage-and-hour law – describes how the overtime rate must be calculated and in a case known as Flores v. City of San Gabriel, the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the FLSA requires that health insurance cash-back payments (the amount of taxable cash you receive in your paycheck if unused to buy benefits in the Choices Plan) must be included in the overtime rate.