California Association of Professional Employees


Congratulations to the newly appointed members of our 2021 CAPE Contract Bargaining Team!

We are thrilled to announce new opportunities and updates to our CAPE Delegate Leader program.

Recent News

Our current CAPE contract secures an additional salary increase for members who have reached the last step in the wage scale.

If you have been on the last wage scale step for one year or more by January 1, 2021*, you will be receiving an additional half step increase, which is equivalent to an additional 2.75% salary increase. 

(*Please note, Appraisers on Step 6 and above in their salary range on the wage scale will receive the 2.75% increase.)

CAPE, united together with the Coalition of County Unions (CCU), has secured an agreement with the County to extend the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) through the end March 2021.

All CAPE/Blue Shield participants were recently mailed new ID cards for Ameritas dental insurance – a supplemental benefit automatically provided when enrolling in the CAPE/Blue Shield Lite or Classic Point of Service medical plans.

This is for the new coverage that became available under the CAPE/Blue Shield plans for 2021 and is not meant to replace your current dental plan through the County.