We often hear the saying, "Health is wealth," and it couldn't be truer.

We are a successful and thriving union, but a strong contract means little if members aren’t aware of our rights in the workplace and empowered to exercise them.

In this issue, we look back at the amazing work and incredible victories secured during the fall and winter of 2023, discuss helpful tips when considering retirement, and gear up for CAPE’s 60th Anniversary in 2024.

CAPE’s commitment is to respond to member inquiries within 24 hours or less, and in a manner that will best help them meet their career goals. Depending on the nature of your call, you will be assisted by the appropriate professional staff that includes CAPE Legal Counsel, Business Agents and Administrative Staff.

November 2012 Presidential Election:
CAPE Endorsements

The CAPE Political Endorsement Committee works hard to make sure our association weighs in on the important legislative races and ballot measure contests.

Some of the measures and many of the candidates do not require much consideration. Voting NO on Proposition 32 seems obvious, but if you don't vote, your voice will not be heard.

Proposition 32: the Special Exemptions Act is our Wisconsin. If passed by voters this November, Proposition 32 will silence the labor movement in California and stop our ability to defend and advance your important rights, benefits, and protections.

The contracts that control pay and working conditions for the Los Angeles County bargaining units represented by CAPE are set to expire on September 30, 2012. As always, your Bargaining Team's first and highest priority is to protect the current pay, benefits, and retirement calculations for all CAPE-represented workers. Given the current economic conditions, problems with the State budget, prevailing attitudes toward public employees, and other factors, your Teams determined a one year extension of the Salary (Unit) Contracts was in the best interests of CAPE members.

The contracts that control pay and working conditions for all six of the Los Angeles County bargaining units represented by CAPE are set to expire on September 30, 2012. After reviewing all of the options and considering numerous factors, the CAPE bargaining team members determined the best path ahead is to extend the current Unit contract terms for one additional year.

A deceptive statewide ballot measure has qualified for the November 2012 General Election Ballot that, if passed by voters, would have dire consequences for CAPE members’ careers.

The protection of secure pensions for current and future County professional employees remains one of CAPE’s highest priorities. Debate on the issue continues in many different venues and in many different directions.

Late last year the CAPE Board of Directors announced a deliberate process to fill a vacancy on the Board. All of the candidates were required to submit their history of CAPE service, be interviewed by the Board, and provide a written statement about why they wished to serve.