Road to CAPE Contract Ratification 2022

We’re Officially on the Road to Contract Ratification!

After months of demanding negotiations, our CAPE Bargaining Team secured a new three-year contract tentative agreement that protects our working conditions, includes the largest one-year salary increase since 2006, a $1,375 signing bonus, brand new telework protections, and much more. Read more here. 

PDF icon Detailed Summary for Units 131 and 132

PDF icon Detailed Summary for Units 501 and 502

PDF icon Detailed Summary for Units 511 and 512

Our contract ratification vote will be held via mail-in ballot. Ballots will be counted by the California Election Company (CEC), an independent election firm, on November 21 at 6 p.m. and results announced to CAPE members as soon as possible thereafter.

Road to Contract Ratification 2022

  • November 4 – Ballots will be mailed to all CAPE Members in good standing.
  • November 7 – Member should begin to receive ballots in the mail.
  • Week of November 14 – CAPE Membership Zoom – Special Contract Edition
  • November 18 – Last day to mail in ballot to be received in time.
  • November 21 – Ballot Count

What if I don’t get my ballot?

If you need a new ballot and/or do not receive your original contract ratification ballot, email [email protected] or call our CAPE office at (626) 243-0340 to request a new ballot be mailed to you.