Contract 2022: Let’s Get It Started!

Our 2022 CAPE contract negotiations have officially begun.

Our bargaining team members met with County Management via Zoom to set ground rules for negotiations and present our initial proposals for a new long-term contract.

We’re committed to securing a strong contract that includes:

  • Raises to keep up with skyrocketing inflation;
  • Long-term telework policies; and
  • Job security protections that fill vacant positions instead of contracting them out, creates promotional opportunities, and protects CAPE members from corporate job-killer tactics.

Throughout the pandemic, CAPE members worked tirelessly to keep L.A. County thriving. Now, with rent, groceries, gasoline, and other necessities rising every day in one of the most expensive regions in the nation, it’s time for L.A. County to show that same level of value and commitment to their employees.

Click here to see who’s part of our 2022 CAPE Bargaining Team.

Let there be no doubt. This will be one of the toughest negotiations we’ve ever experienced as a union.

Our bargaining team is only as strong as the members in the workplace.  In order to build the strength needed to secure a fair contract, it’s important that we all stay updated, involved and active in our contract campaign.