Sarah Bays - Candidate

Department: Office of the Assessor
Classification: Appraiser Specialist

Candidate’s Statement:

I humbly ask for your support in being elected to our CAPE Union Board of Directors. My name is Sarah Bays and I am an Appraiser Specialist with the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office. I've been with the county for just over 15 years.

During a previous contract negotiation cycle I decided to get involved and sent a letter to our negotiating team suggesting several points of interest to consider. I was happy and proud to see some of those suggestions were successfully fought for and made it into our contract!

I believe if elected I'll be able to make an even bigger impact in advancing the goals of our members by adding a voice that I don't believe was being heard previously.

I'm excited at this opportunity and I intend to reach out to better understand the needs of our members while doing my best to be dedicated, genuine, and most of all, selfless.

My goal is to uphold the vision of our members, to listen to your new ideas to improve our collective future and to make sure each decision is made to benefit you.

In Solidarity,
Sarah Bays