New Contract Language: Telework


(Article 37 for Units 131 and 132. Article 38 for Units 501, 502, 511 and 512)

Section 1.     Telework Benefits

The Union and the County agree that telework is an effective tool to promote operational efficiencies, support employee recruitment, retention, and engagement, lower overhead costs and parking expenses, fulfill our responsibility to reduce carbon footprints through trip reduction, advance digital government, contribute significantly to the work-life balance of participating employees, and safeguard health and safety during public health or other emergencies.

Section 2.     Telework Selection Criteria

The parties also recognize that telework is a management option and not an employee right or universal benefit and will only be offered to employees whose job functions make feasible such work arrangement.

Telework may be requested by or offered to any employee.  Employee requests to telework are subject to the approval of management.  The department has the sole discretion to designate which job functions are compatible with telework; criteria will be based on the suitability of employee’s job functions and impact on operations. Telework is considered a voluntary arrangement and may be terminated by the Teleworker or the Department at any time. If a telework assignment is terminated by management, the teleworker shall be given a reason.

Section 3.     Expand Telework Opportunities

Departments will make reasonable efforts to expand telework opportunities to realize the benefits listed in Section 1 where job functions are compatible with telework. Likewise, departments will take reasonable steps to ensure that eligible staff are telework-ready, to best ensure continuation of work functions in case of a declared disaster or other emergency.

Section 4.     Materials and Equipment

Management will make reasonable efforts to provide teleworking employees with all equipment necessary to support the employee’s ability to work remotely. If a teleworking employee is required and authorized by management to purchase specific materials or equipment for telework, they will be reimbursed for expenses incurred. Maintenance of County-issued equipment will be a management responsibility.