Nelson P. Manabat - Candidate

Department: Dept. of Public Works
Classification: Senior Civil Engineering Technician

Candidate’s Statement:

I have been a CAPE member since March 23, 1981, the very first day I started working for the County. I have continuously served on the CAPE Board of Directors as Secretary, as Trustee on the Board of Trustees, and currently, as the Association’s Treasurer and Chairman of the CAPE Board of Trustees. For over 30 years, I also served on various committees with an emphasis on employee benefits, rights, and salary compensation that resulted in significant cumulative gains for CAPE members. Additionally, I served in the Negotiating Committee on all but two cycles including the recently concluded negotiations for the successor of our MOU - good until 2025.

The frustrations I experienced during the recent negotiations were immense: now, we should be focusing on the next contract. We should start NOW for 2025, to be fully prepared, organized, and ready for whatever Management will throw at us again. I urge our membership, as-a-whole to ultimately participate in planning and developing strategies to find the most effective way to achieve the best outcome on our collective bargaining efforts. Along with my colleagues in the CAPE Board of Directors, I am committed to improving our current salaries and benefits we have earned in the past and preserving our health insurance and retirement benefits. We have got a long way to go and together we can make our County employment much better and simply worth it.

For tested and proven records, please Re-Elect Nelson Manabat back to the CAPE Board of Directors.