Meet Our 2021 Contract Bargaining Team

Congratulations to the newly appointed members of our 2021 CAPE Contract Bargaining Team!

Our 2021 CAPE Bargaining Team will represent all CAPE members in negotiations and work to preserve the achievements we’ve previously won, and bargain for new improvements in our wages, hours and working conditions.

In the coming months, our new team will work to negotiate contracts/MOUs for Units 131/132, 501/502 and 511/512. We are confident that our new Bargaining Team will not only represent their respective units, but will work for the good of the entire bargaining unit.

Remember, our bargaining team is only as strong as the members in the workplace.  In order to build the strength, we will need to secure a fair contract, all of us need to be involved and active in our contract campaign.  Over the next few months, we will be conducting surveys and virtual membership meetings, and member actions to show our strength.

Here are the members of our 2021 CAPE Contract Bargaining Team:

Units 131 and 132

  • Lisa Andres
  • Manuel Gallegos
  • Milan Garcia
  • Lisa Gunner
  • Ron Hsueh
  • Kelly Koldus
  • Peter Alan Thomas
  • Jose Carlos Tovar

Alternates 131 and 132:

  • Ruby Hunter
  • Ramy Salama
  • Sam Sepetjian
  • Edward Tuan

Unit 501 and 502

  • Raymundo Castellanos
  • Carlos Clayton
  • Julianna Colwell
  • Gerald Goodman
  • Adam Marcus
  • Thanh Pham
  • Sharad Robertson

Unit 511 and 512

  • Andrew Flores
  • Miguel Garcia
  • Nelson Manabat
  • Alexandra Nguyen Rivera
  • Oscar Olmos
  • Kevin Petrowsky
  • Linda Phan
  • Nicholas Stupin

Alternates 511 and 512:

  • Garo Avoyan
  • James Crabb
  • Jonathan R. Gonzalez
  • Richard Payne, Sr.