Fringe Benefits Contract Update:

As part of the new Fringe Benefits contract negotiated by the Coalition of County Unions (CCU), the County agreed to increase its contribution toward the Choices Plan for 2016-2018 to help cover the increases in our medical and dental premiums (any amount we receive over the premium amount can be taken home as taxable cash). Below are the improved 2016 County healthcare contributions:

Employee      $ 860.72
Employee + 1    $ 1,570.43
Employee + 2 or more   $ 1,855.16

The following chart shows the taxable cash we will take home (or pay more) in our paychecks in 2016 based on the increased contributions and the health plan we chose:

The County processed the negotiated increase in the contributions toward our healthcare in time for the January 2016 premium payment, so you should already see this change reflected in your paychecks.

In addition to the extra healthcare money in our pockets, CAPE and the CCU achieved the first NEW paid holiday for us in 30 years! Beginning in 2017, Cesar Chavez’s birthday shall be a paid holiday celebrated on the last Monday of March. And, in honor of our tenure with the County, management agreed to our demand to increase vacation accrual for members with 20 years of service an additional eight hours per year, to a maximum of 40 additional hours of vacation with 24 years or more of service.

The major fringe benefits achievements mentioned above, combined with the new 10% pay increase package, represent the most successful contract bargaining outcomes for CAPE members since the Great Recession. This was made possible only because you join, support, and participate in CAPE!

If you have questions regarding your new Bargaining Unit MOUs or your new Fringe Benefits contract, please call our office at (626) 243-0340.