Erik G. Bautista - Candidate

Department: Dept. of Public Works
Classification: Supervising Civil Engineering Technician

Candidate’s Statement:

Dear CAPE Union Members,

It is with great enthusiasm and optimism that I present myself as a candidate for the position of CAPE Union Board of Directors. I firmly believe that together, we have the power to shape the future of our union and bring about positive change for all members.

As a dedicated member of CAPE since 2002, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible strength and resilience of our union. We have fought for fair wages, better working conditions, and supported each other in times of need.

I was a 2012 CAPE Volunteer Service Award recipient, a CAPE Delegate since 2018, and a
presenter at the CAPE New Employee Orientation at Public Works. Now, I am ready to take that commitment to the next level and contribute my skills and passion to the Board of Director.

My vision for CAPE is rooted in the belief that unity and collaboration are the keys to success. By promoting open dialogue and transparency, every member should feel heard, valued, and empowered. We can ensure our collective voices are heard loud and clear. I am also deeply committed to expanding our member benefits and professional development opportunities because this will strengthen our union in the long run.

With your support, I am confident we can build a brighter future for CAPE and our membership. Vote for me as your CAPE Union Board of Directors.

Thank you for your trust and consideration,

Erik G Bautista
Supervising Civil Engineering Technician
Los Angeles County Public Works