Carlos Clayton - Candidate

Department: Dept. of Public Works
Classification: Senior Mechanical Engineer

Candidate’s Statement:

For years, you have trusted me to serve as your CAPE President. Under my leadership, working with my fellow Board Members, we continue to accomplish our objectives and build a better workplace. Indeed, we have achieved what no one thought we ever could. When the County wanted to raise healthcare rates, we developed our own CAPE Trust to offer Members affordable CAPE Blue Shield options. During the uncertainty of the global pandemic, we protected every job and ensured the County prioritized members’ health and financial security. We continue to make record improvements with each new contract cycle, including unprecedented raises, amazing benefits, and the best working conditions in the County.

We have accomplished so much together, but there is still work to do. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue leading our efforts. In the coming years, we need consistent leadership with the experience and commitment to enforce our contracts, fight the rising culture of subcontracting, advocate for employees as new technologies change the workforce, and hold the County accountable to the guarantees afforded members. I remain committed to do the work necessary to enhance your benefits, increase your salaries, optimize your working conditions, and ensure your voices are heard and needs are met. Together, we can continue to strengthen our Union.

I respectfully request your vote to continue accomplishing our goals.

Thank you for your continued support.

In Solidarity,

Carlos Clayton, P. E.

Senior Mechanical Engineer