CAPE Sends Letters of Support to Our Member Serving Overseas

CAPE members joined together to spread a little light to one of our L.A. County co-workers and fellow CAPE member who is currently serving overseas. Eric Schuchman was recently deployed to Kuwait and will be there for at least 10 months. Our Community Service Team-sponsored letter-writing campaign was a huge success and we collected numerous messages of support to encourage Eric while he’s away.

Below are exceprts of a few of the messages from our CAPE family:

The greatest service anyone can give to humanity is self-sacrifice. You are a shining example. Bravo

Ofori A, Public Works

Dear Eric, Thank you very much for your service. I am deeply grateful for the sacrifices that you and your family are making. May God bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you peace.

Dora T, Assessor

Thank you for serving for our US, and I am wishing you to have healthy stay while on the duty. Thank you very much!!!

Tigist D, Public Works

Hurry on back! We got a lot of maintenance waiting for you! Take it easy out there!

Edward K, West District

Thank you for your commitment and hard efforts improving workplace conditions and worker longevity! We are here with you in unity Sir.

Jonathan G, Department of Public Social Services

Thank you for your service! I am one of many here who are thinking of you and appreciate your sacrifice for our beautiful country. Thank you, and stay safe!

Kristina K, Regional Planning

Hi Eric! Thank you for your service!! My Nephew served in area close by to you. Stay safe!! and stay cool!!

Brad S, LACPW Design Division

You are such a blessing! Thank you, Eric, and also your family for all the sacrifices and bravery it takes to selflessly serve our country. I have 2 young kids and can't thank you enough for keeping us safe. I wish that you will stay healthy mentally and physically, be safe with your fellow comrades, and feel loved during your time in Kuwait. I feel proud to know of you, stay strong!!

Thao L, Public Works

Thank you for your service, Eric! We hope to have you back soon. Don't worry, you're not missing much in the West District.

Wayne C, Assessor

Hope you are safe and well.

Kathy S, Assessor

I think you from the bottom my heart for you to put your life on the line to save and protect our country show these people that have lost faith in our country how strong and powerful how great we are I salute you and I salute the flag and I’m very tired of hearing people saying the pledge allegiance is a waste of time and it’s only a piece of cloth.

Dan H, Road Maintenance

Hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for your service especially in these extraordinary times. I will pray for you and your fellow serviceman so you may all return home safe. Thank you again for your service and hope to hear you all came home safe soon. Stay safe and God bless you and yours!!!!

Alex Cota, DPW Building and Safety

There is no word can describe my gratitude for all your sacrifices. people like you keep our country safe. keep on going and wishing you a safe journey.

Samia, Public Works

Hey Eric, I hope you’re staying safe and hopefully not working too hard. I’ll be sending positive energy your way and can’t wait to see you when you get back! Take care of yourself and we’ll see you soon.

Gabby H, Real Property

Can't wait to see you back in the office!

Mike S, Assessor

Dear Eric - Thank you for your service. Your CAPE family supports you and is thinking about you. Keep going!

Josh H, Regional Planning

Thank you for all you do! We are able to be here because of you guys.

Adriana, Assessor

Thank you for all the large and small sacrifices you make to serve your country.

Lisa G, Assessor

Hi Eric! Wow, Kuwait! I don't know if you were excited about deployment or just steadfastly doing your duty, but from the bottom of all our hearts here back home in America, we thank you and all your brothers and sisters in arms for your service. My grandpa was a Pearl Harbor survivor and he told me a lot of stories about his time in the Navy. Military life is hard, being away from loved ones in while in another country is even harder. Do they plan fun events for you all at holidays and such? I hope so, you deserve it! Wishing you safe journeys throughout your deployment and we hope to have you home amongst us again very soon. Like the Motel 6 guy says in the commercial, we'll keep the lights on for you.

Lisa A, Assessor's Office

Dear Eric: Never doubt yourself, Be strong when you are weak, Be brave when you are scared, Be humble when you are victorious. I remember those several months when I sat next to you during our appraiser-trainee class. You were a grate classmate! When you are back, I hope we can get together with our classmates and remember the good old days.

Suzanne K, Assessor’s Office

Wishing you health, safety and well-being as you embark on your military endeavor. Your service on our behalf is much appreciated! Looking forward to your safe return. Take care.

Yvonne A, Assessor

Be safe over there! See you when you get back!

Krish K, Assessor

Hi. Eric: You are one of the most patriotic people I have ever met I’m very proud of you and praying for your soon coming back to L.A. be safe and healthy always cuz there’s a lot of us who are eagerly waiting to hug you again. LOVE and PRAYERS for you.

Elnora F

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Be vigilant and stay safe. I hope that your tour of duty will be over quickly.

Anita D, Assessor

We are forever indebted to you for protecting our life and liberty. From the depths of my being, the wholeness of my heart, and the fullness of my gratitude, I thank you!

Rennan O, Pubic Works

Thank you so much for your services. Take care and stay safe. Once again, THANKS!

Phoenix K, Public Works

God Speed Eric. I hope your time passes quickly and you are back home safe with your family and friends. Needless to say, thank you for your service. Take Care.

Paul H, Public Works

Stay safe and hope you are back in California soon, safe and sound.

José P, Public Works

Thank you for your services!

Tony C, ISD

Praying for your safety and protection. God bless.

Neil P, Public Works

Eric, thank you for your service in protect this great nation of ours. It is men with your bravery and loyalty that helps was keep our freedoms. And maintain peace in this world. May GOD be by your side with every step you take and brings home safely. Thank once again for your service.

Hector H, Public Works