CAPE Announces New Opportunities for Member Leaders

We are thrilled to announce new opportunities and updates to our CAPE Delegate Leader program. Our Delegates, members who volunteer their time to lead our union, are the lifeblood of CAPE and we’re striving to build an even stronger community.

CAPE Delegates and member-leaders can now sign up and take part in the following new speciality teams:

  • Workplace Safety Committee: Committee members will serve as on-the-ground advocates for workplace safety concerns. When necessary, the committee will escalate issues to our representation team and actively monitor progress and improvements.
  • Community Service Team: As a union, we are leaders in our community and have an obligation to look beyond the walls of our workplaces. The Community Service Team will seek to find volunteer opportunities that we can open for CAPE members to participate.  The team will serve as frontline representatives/volunteers and work to build delegation teams of CAPE members to join the community service opportunities.
  • Strength and Spirit Committee: Each month, this team will lead in keeping members informed, updated and encouraged. Work for this committee will range from updating work bulletin boards at all field offices to helping create social media content for the CAPE platforms. When offices are fully back open, this committee will also work with our field team to assist with CAPE tables or workplace meetings.
  • New Organizing Assistance Team: As we work to grow our union, this team will lead the way in serving as the face of the union to help recruit non-union members. Team members may join our field staff on New Employee Orientations, serve as advocates to non-union county workers, and support any future large-scale new organizing campaigns.
  • Political Action Team:  As CAPE continues to build our political presence in L.A. County, this team of delegate leaders will work to support and build our political strength. This work may involve (but not limited to) volunteering at campaign events, participating in lobbying efforts, and representing CAPE at political functions.

Become a CAPE Delegate Today! Fill out the interest form and a CAPE Field Team member will contact you to discuss the next steps.