Become a CAPE Delegate Leader

Everything we accomplish as a union comes from CAPE members working together.

CAPE Delegates are members who volunteer their time to lead our union. Delegate Leaders are the lifeblood of CAPE and we’re striving to build an even stronger community.

Join a CAPE Delegate Leader Team

  • Workplace Safety Committee: Serve as our on-the-ground advocates for workplace safety concerns.
  • Community Service Team: Coordinate volunteer opportunities for CAPE members, as we look beyond the walls of our workplaces and lead in our communities.
  • Strength and Spirit Committee: Keep members informed, updated and encouraged.
  • New Organizing Assistance Team: Lead the way in serving as the face of the union to help recruit non-union members.
  • Political Action Team: Continue to build our political presence and strength in L.A. County and across California.

Become a CAPE Delegate Today! Click here to fill out the interest form and a CAPE Field Team Member will contact you to discuss the next steps.