CAPE Contract Bargaining Team 2021

Thank you for your interest in joining the CAPE 2021 Bargaining Team! Please fill out the application below.

Our 2021 CAPE Bargaining Team will represent all CAPE members in negotiations and work to preserve the achievements we’ve previously won, and bargain for new improvements in our wages, hours and working conditions.

Ideally, a good bargainer will fulfill all or most of the following.  However, the first four are essential:

  • The ability to work cooperatively and respectfully with members of a team.  
  • The ability and commitment to meet a very demanding schedule. 
  • The ability to bargain.  The ability to negotiate persuasively with L.A. County upper-level management to be able to convince them to agree to union proposals.
  • The ability to consider the needs/desires of all CAPE members and not just one constituency.
  • The ability to think creatively to bring unique perspectives/solutions to impasses or disagreements, including creatively thinking about tradeoffs and compromises.
  • The willingness to write proposals, cost out proposals, take notes. 
  • The willingness and ability to examine contract language and final contract language. 
  • Attention to detail; good memory for details and accurate memory of what is said at the table.

Traditionally we have met with L.A. County management in person for our contract negotiation sessions, so please be prepared to do so. Depending on the situation with COVID-19, these meetings might have to happen virtually.